thanks for everything

At the begining of the lesson;my expectation was not clear for me.Actually,I dont know how I can use computer the best way, especially for teaching language.During the lesson;I learnt lots of things and useful information.While I was learning them I really enjoyed them especially, digital story,storyjumper,online conference,podcasts.I want to teach something my students with storyjumper in the future.I want them to develop their writing skill, to learn new vocabularies and to develop their imagination,also I want them to enjoy while they are preparing the storyjumper.I really like it and I dont know it.I learnt it thanks to call lesson.I think that podcasts are very useful for me.Thanks to podcasts I can develop my listening skill whatever I want. At the same time all sites, we sign up and be member them easily.This is really important for me.I will make my lessons enjoyable for my students thanks to call,and prezi will be interesting for my students.It will have a positive effect on my lessons for my students.For example;I will tell body parts with prezi in the future.I think that it will draw my students attention.At the end of the lesson; now, I know how ı can use computers for myself,my students or learning and teaching language.I have learnt very useful information for me.Thank you for everthing SEDAT teacher.:)))


We talked about famous social media sites.Facebook and twitter are the most popular ones.Facebook is an exiciting free social networking website that allows us to register, have an account, upload videos, photos and if it is used for some other reasons, we can give some important links as our status.Another one is twitter; actually the same with facebook but real-time information network that connect us to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting.

About Weebly and Second life

On final lesson topic is to creating a website.So,we visited weebly.Weebly is easier and funnier than frontpage.We can use so much application for example;maps, surveys,blogs youtube etc.Firstly, we studied on this page we learned into about this page.In future,we may ask our students to create blog on this website even these websites may develop and they may do more creative tasks.The other topic is second life. I think that it is interesting topic.It is a real life on the internet but this website  is banned some official areas and some universities.With the second life we can create groups in class and we can develop collaborative learning.Students can study with group members on the website.They can discuss something and do a lot of activities.Even they may join conference,and now we have finished long term and now I have a different perspective related to internet and using internet for language teaching. In future, I want to use whatever I learnt about internet in my class.I think that especially, internet is a big resource for learning or teaching language.I learnt very useful and beneficial information on this lesson.Thank you so much for everyting Sedat teacher:))))


We learnt this week something about podcasts.A podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of audio, radio and video.There are 4 kind of the podcasts.Thanks to podcasts,we can  develop ourself.It is related to language learning especially listening.We can develop our listening with podcasts.It is used for education and we can use it as a educational materials.We can use Audioboo account for podcasts.We can make our own podcasts easily.Despite of its name,we don’t need an İPod to listen it, we can listen to podcast MP3 player or a computer internet connection.Thanks to podcasts,we can reach a new audience, we can build a relationship with our listeners.I think that it is essential for us.We can find something that we want to listen to.Podcasts enable you to listen to what you what ,when you want,and now I want to use it for my listening skills.

About Digital Storytelling

This week,we learnt something digital storytelling.I think that it is very enjoyable for me.We watched some examples of the digital storytelling.Then we learnt new things about it.We can add tape-recording,music,pictures,writing and we can tell a story in digital story.At the same time we can add video,title,special or some effect and something from webcam.Time is important for digital storytelling and it compose of short stories.Especially,it must be short because people or students can be bored easily while they are watching it.I think that it is very interesting and enjoyable.The digital storytelling is a vital tool that will help keep students engaged.İt has many benefits for students  for example:students will develop better reading and skills and collaboration will increase among students.Students will gain proficiency writing.At the same time students can learn new technology techniques.In the future I will advice my students to use digital story and maybe I want to prepare something in the digital story,and finally we learnt something about storyjumper.We can create our own story for children in the storyjumper.We can use it can be very interesting and enjoyable for children.

7th Week

We talked about this week online conference.We used WIZIQ and accounted it.Students dont have to be same classroom in online conference.For example;people can speak eachother easily from different countries.Powerpoint can uploate.While we are talking about something we can change powerpoint(for example;circle key words,we can write again something on powerpoint).Everybody can watch the video at the same time.Information is recorded.Students can talk about the video which is shared from youtube.We can use webcam.We can make a lot of speaking activities.We can use it like board.It can be very interesting and enjoyable for students.Everbody can ask questions while others are talking, but I  think that is  difficult for  using in class.

About Online Classroom

This week, we talked about online classroom.Teacher told about its features.I think that it is  also very useful for us ,as a teacher.Thanks to online classroom,we can make quizes, discuss some topic with our students,ask questions them and evaluate something related to our students.We can follow our students what they learn,what they do and at the same time we can evaluate them easily.Also, you can modify online classroom whatever you want and you can control it easily.We can create a classroom on the internet.In online classroom, we can share announcement.Also, we use it in facebook but online classroom is more complicated or sophisticated than facebook.Online classroom are conducted over internet design effective, manage time and worload efficiently and effectively.I think that I can use it. İt can be very interesting for children .For example; I can give homework my students or I can make them quız or every week ,I can write something for discussing or sharing online classroom and give them task which they must do it everyweek.I think that it can be use and it can be very good for children because  now, children like doing something on the internet.